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Cousin Indiegogo campaign: Win a FREE four week conservation expedition on Curieuse Island worth £1,495!

gvi diver

As Cousin Island's solar power crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo reaches its climax, Global Vision International (GVI) has teamed up with Nature Seychelles and Climatecaring to offer an amazing prize - the chance to win a free conservation expedition to Curieuse Island.

There are on average 12 hours of sunshine a day in the Seychelles Islands. We want you to donate £1 for every hour. For your £12 donation we will send you a postcard from paradise and our eternal gratitude, Plus you will be entered into a prize draw to win a FREE four week conservation expedition on Curieuse Island, a sister Island of Cousin, worth £1,495. The expedition is operated by GVI (, the world's foremost volunteering organisation and keen supporter of our work in the Seychelles. 

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Living with the generator


It’s lunchtime of a baking hot day. I am sitting on the front porch of the research house in hopes of catching the ridiculously occasional movement of air which does not even qualify as a breeze. The laptop I am typing on has 60 minutes of battery left and I am hoping that I can type this quick enough so that I could finish it before the inevitable shutdown of the computer. If I don’t I will have to wait until 6pm when the generator gets turned on. The generator. The noisy, fuel-consuming thing that drives the electronics on the Cousin Island Special Reserve.

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