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Monitoring the next generation of Seabirds in Seychelles


The white or fairy tern is pure white - by Peter Chadwick

One of the many exciting volunteer tasks on Cousin Island Special Reserve is monitoring the resident breeding seabirds. During the past two months we have been monitoring the elegant white tern (Glygis alba), and the ferocious looking white-tailed tropic bird (Phaethon lepturus).

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Looking for the snooze button....

wake up call

I’m rudely awakened by what appears to be thunder overhead.  It’s still pretty dark so I’m guessing it’s before 0600.  In my sleepy state, I link the crashing sound overhead with the alarm on my phone and reach for the snooze button...maybe just another 10 minutes.  As my eyes adjust, I see from my phone that it’s 0545, 15 minutes before my usual alarm. I realise that we could be in for a day of rough weather – not what you need when you have up to a hundred eager holidaymakers arriving in a few hours to gorge themselves on the abundance of nature that has squeezed itself into every nook and cranny and branch and flat surface on Cousin Island.

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