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Cousin Island, an Island beyond unique

I am from the Seychelles Maritime Academy and I am currently doing my internship on Cousin Island Special Reserve, taking advantage of new possibilities and helping to conserve what we have. Since Monday the 8th February I have been working with Nature Seychelles. I have been taking part in several conservation tasks that the staff regularly carry out on the island, such as turtle patrols, turtle nest excavations, bird monitoring, just to name a few. The island is also open to the public for visits every week day from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm, allowing everyone the opportunity to see and photograph the different flaura and fauna.

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There's a crab in the kitchen what am I gonna do?

Liam, a volunteer on Cousin describes life on the island

Liam Cousin

I've been on Cousin Island for a week now and I'm completely in awe of it. It is awesome. I never use the word awesome, because the ubiquitous use of it has completely belittled its purpose and made it really annoying. There's no point saying something is awesome when you're talking about a frozen pizza. In this instance though, I reckon the word is justified.

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A beautiful poem about Cousin Island

by Conservation volunteer Elizabeth Procter


Take me to that windswept porch,
Where birds dance through the waves.
Where sun bursts through the crisp white clouds,
And peace fills up the days.

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Hostile takeover...The Story of a Magpie-Robin King


On the 3rd of July 2013 a war was waged in the forest of Cousin on the border of Territory 5 by the water source. Many a battle has been fought for water and this was a fight to the death...

Leading the cavalry for T3B was Dominant male Red-Orange whilst defending T5 was the war veteran Orange-ShockPink. After a violent battle the younger commander gained victory and although Orange Shockpink fought bravely he was mortally wounded and died shortly after battle ceased.

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Back from Paradise

A volunteer writes about her Cousin experience


Sally Fisher spent a month volunteering on Cousin Island in April 2013. In this three part blog post she shares about work, wildlife and island life...


It’s time to wake up for the six o’clock shot. I’ve quickly learnt that this half hour of exquisite skies before the sun peaks out over Praslin is the best time of day; a cool, tranquil time to enjoy a cup of tea. I am a new fan of mornings! I’ve copied an idea of a friend of mine to take a photo at exactly the same time, same place each day.  The resulting “Sunrise Over Praslin” series will soon become a stunning memory of my month in paradise.

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“Just another day in the office”, I think to myself as I sit crouched under some low ferns, brushing termites and dirt from my hands, whistling a simple bird call, slapping mosquitoes, and sipping from my water bottle to beat the heat. I gently grip the end of a long, thin, “transparent” piece of fishing line in my fingers while I peak through a slight gap in the dense fern cover at my partner who is similarly positioned about 10 meters away. His hand is all that is visible to me while I sit hidden from view of a small spring trap. When his hand gives the signal, I pull with all my might and hope that the little piece of wood propping open the trap comes out swiftly and triggers the spring. I can’t help but think this all feels vaguely reminiscent of an old trick my grandfather used to play on us kiddies at family gatherings during the summer.

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Looking for the snooze button....

wake up call

I’m rudely awakened by what appears to be thunder overhead.  It’s still pretty dark so I’m guessing it’s before 0600.  In my sleepy state, I link the crashing sound overhead with the alarm on my phone and reach for the snooze button...maybe just another 10 minutes.  As my eyes adjust, I see from my phone that it’s 0545, 15 minutes before my usual alarm. I realise that we could be in for a day of rough weather – not what you need when you have up to a hundred eager holidaymakers arriving in a few hours to gorge themselves on the abundance of nature that has squeezed itself into every nook and cranny and branch and flat surface on Cousin Island.

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