George's photo diary

Hi, my name is George. I weigh over 250kg. I am really old. I am an Aldabra Giant Tortoise. I live on Cousin Island. This is my photo diary. Matt helped me to write it. Share it with your friends if you like. I don't mind people taking a peek at my personal life, such as it is. Love, George

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  • George-at-sunrise
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  • george-sliding
  • george-saying-goodbye
  • My name is George
  • I’m not a big ‘morning-person’, but when I wake from my slumber, I like to watch the sunrise and ponder over my plans for the day
  • I had a fantastic Christmas last year. I spent the day with the volunteers eating and reminiscing on bygone years. As you can see, Ben and I are very close.
  • Cheryl's nice too...
  • I am a big fan of bananas. This is a photo of me tucking into my Christmas dinner.
  • I’m a pretty conspicuous fellow. If you happen to visit Cousin it shouldn’t take you too long to find me
  • But just in case, I am normally doing one of my three favourite things. Firstly, I like taking walks around the island
  • Secondly, I like meeting up with friends for a good chat by the research house. It’s the place to be.
  • Thirdly, I like to pretend that I am a rock.
  • I might, when the mood takes me (and despite my years), be trying to do my bit to maintain the species
  • But I have to hit the weights to keep fit and work on my muscles. I no longer rely on my chiseled jaw line and personality alone to pull the ladies
  • I relax by watching the boys at football
  • Every now and then we get large, noisy and peculiar migratory birds on the island. They confuse me.
  • The other day I came across a new building on Cousin. There was no opening, so I used my stealth and cunning to find a way inside
  • Oops. It was important for the Warbler researchers (not the en-suite bedroom that I mistook it for). I have since apologised to the Warblers
  • Sometimes, I throw caution to the wind, climb to the top of Cousin and slide back down the slope on my belly. It’s a big adrenaline rush, a real knee trembler
  • I am going to go and do that now. I hope that you can come and visit me very soon. I shall sing you a farewell song.

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