Raising awareness on sea turtle conservation

I have chosen to produce a documentary showing the endless wildlife that calls Cousin Island home and the beautiful habitat they live in. I am Emily Corden, 20 years old and studying Marine and natural history photography at Falmouth University. I am in my third and final year of the course.

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A First (Green) Turtle Hatching for Many

Thursday (28th August) was the much anticipated day when the Green Turtle nest in front of our Deputy Chief Warden’s house finally hatched. April had been keeping a watchful eye on the nest and had noted signs of activity from the chamber below evident on the surface sand.

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La vie est belle à Cousin

An English woman, an Irish man, and a French woman sat down one day to write about working on a nature reserve...

La vie est belle à Cousin. Our working week gets us up with the sunrise and back home 2 hours before sunset. There’s always loads of work to be done here on the island but also lots fun to be had.

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Seychelles “island that belongs to birds” is barometer of the health of the Indian Ocean

 Fairy tern in flight photo by Martin Harvey

(Seychelles News Agency: July 25 2014; Wanjohi Kabukuru) Cousin Island Special Reserve known worldwide as “the island that belongs to birds’ in the Seychelles archipelago is living to its billing. It is teeming with birds again. Well, the nesting season is here again and thousands upon thousands of seabirds are flapping all over the island. It is a seabird celebration of Tropical Shearwater, White Terns, Bridled Terns, lesser Noddys and Brown Noddy’s which are all nesting in Cousin. At this time of the year visitors are strongly adviced not to come with their Sunday best outfits. Wide-brimmed hats at this time of the year are recommended as birds poop on shampooed hair or shiny pates is a surety.  Guano is literally everywhere.

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Spectacular cousin

My first impressions

After a long trip on the plane and boat, I arrived on Cousin Island to a warm welcome. I was very impressed by the great number of birds on this island.

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Turtle Season has ended: Turtle bloopers!

turtle emerge

All island managers and conservationist can now take a sigh of relief as the turtle season comes to an end.

After a busy season of patrolling beaches there is something very satisfying in looking back over the seasons data and finalizing it ready for writing the annual turtle report. As I look back over the season there are some turtles that stand out in my memory, I will tell you about these turtles and their interesting stories.

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A wave of new life

Turtle hatchlings emerge from a nest on Cousin Island


It started slowly at first. Sporadic, barely perceptible ripples of movement disturbed the otherwise dormant oasis of sand. Like a symphony rising to its crescendo, the bubbling beach was building our anticipation before revealing its secret. There was something beneath the surface and it was fighting its way out.

We had timed it perfectly. With the help of orange marker tape and GPS coordinates marking the location we had found the small patch of sand easily enough. But, that was no guarantee that the nest, so dutifully laid by a critically endangered hawksbill turtle, would hatch in the small window of time we were there. Sitting between beach markers E and F on Cousin Island we were about to become the lucky onlookers to one of those unique spectacles that nature occasionally bestows upon the fortuitous few.

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