Cousin Island - an unmissable part of a trip to Seychelles



It is built into the British psyche to exaggerate. Whether it’s the fisherman whose fish was “Yea big” or your mate who used to be so good with his feet he had trials for Crystal Palace, we do have a tendency to take our stories one step further than is believable. So when I tell you there’s an island in the Seychelles that was saved by a bird I can understand if you just shrug your shoulders and politely agree.

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Ecotourism: conservation comes first

 Tourists are picked up from their boats and brought to land on specially made Cousin boats

Today is International Day for Biological Diversity as named by the United Nations, in order to elevate biodiversity-related issues with this year’s theme as ‘biodiversity and sustainable tourism’.

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Ecotourism: from theory to practice

A report from Nature Seychelles' International Volunteer Program

 Cousin Island warden Dailus Lawrence leads a group of tourists through the island

Studying Sustainable Tourism means learning about the importance of minimizing negative ecological, social and economic impacts to a destination. Importantly, not only should there be no negative impact on the local community, there should also be some benefits to be gained such as saving the cultural heritage and protecting natural areas. 

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  Even the Aldabra tortoises on Cousin know that theirs is a magical existence

As you step off the boat onto Cousin Island, you know you are about to get a taste of paradise as your senses start to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of this protected nature reserve. Numerous birds painted in the skies above, fluttering and singing as if to welcome the many visitors to the island and some perched on trees as if poised for a photoshoot. Lizards scurry into the forest undergrowth or behind fallen leaves, while the resident Giant Aldabra tortoises expectantly wait for a stroke on their uneven but enthralling faces.

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A trip to Yorkshire to learn about bird pathology and a literary genius


As coordinator for the Seychelles Magpie-Robin Recovery Team (SMART), I am responsible for dealing with any issues that arise with this charismatic yet troubled species. For the past decade or so things have been running smoothly for the endangered bird having been translocated to four islands resulting in an upwards trend on each. Yet it is important to remember that we are still dealing with an endangered species, with around 280 birds in existence.

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