Seychelles Warbler recovery and Research

Seychelles warbler research

This little bird is the main reason why Cousin became a nature reserve. Close to extinction in the 1960’s, Birdlife International bought Cousin Island, the warbler’s last remaining refuge in 1968, in order to save it. Now there are over 320 birds on Cousin, and they have since been introduced to Cousine, Aride, and Denis Islands by Nature Seychelles and partnering universities. The total world population of the bird is around 2,500. Like other warblers, these birds feed on insects. They are territorial but grown chicks often stay with their parents to help raise subsequent broods.

Each year a team of PhD researchers come to Cousin from the University of East Anglia, UK and the University of Groningen, Netherlands to continue the research and monitoring of the Seychelles warbler

For more information visit  Seychelles Warbler Research Group page on Nature Seychelles' website.