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    Thinking of visiting Cousin? You should. This is why.
  • Carbon Neutral Cousin.

    Cousin Island has an ongoing programme to reduce its carbon footprint
  • Turtle Season

    During the 2012-13season, Cousin Island experienced the highest number of nesting female Hawksbill turtles in recent years despite a late start to the nesting season.

Discover Cousin. The island that belongs to birds, humans are welcome

Looking around Cousin Island today, it is hard to believe that this vibrant and diverse island ecosystem was once a coconut plantation!

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Meet the Cousin team

Cousin Island Special Reserve is run by a team of committed locals and expatriate staff

  • Eric Blais
  • dailus CW
  • YanCC
  • Topher
  • ASouyana
  • CAzemia
  • LeroyDidon

What others are saying

Comments from the Cousin Visitor book

"Gorgeous visit with great explanations, Thankyou." Nicole and Leon

"Really interesting tour, thank you Marcus, What a great project." Bev and Chris, UK

"Very good guiding, beautiful Island." Kamila, Jorsen, Simon and Samuel

"Very much enjoyed the guided tour, it is nice to visit places that remain somewhat wild." Michael and Mandy, USA

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful Island with us. It was lovely." Vanessa and Keith, UK

"Great to see Cousin and some of its inhabitants. Lovely tour." Sue, Cape Town, SA.

"You have done a great job preserving the birds and turtles. Thanks for making this kind of visit possible. Guides well organized and the info was excellent."  Mary and Bart – Colorado – USA


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